Take the Cake™ Boxes were created to do a simple job well.

featuring a food-service ready inner coating

Food Service Ready

Take the Cake™ boxes feature an inner coating to keep your slice of cake fresh and moist for several days.  (No doily required.)
Other plain paperboard boxes actually absorb your cake's moisture, leaving it stale - inside a greasy soaked-through box.

Caterer's Cut

The industry standard caterer's cut of cake is 4 x 2 x 1.  Our boxes are sized 4-1/2 x 3-1/2 x 1-1/4;  plenty of room for a generous slice.


Our boxes provide a "blank canvas" for crafters. Get your creative juices flowing by taking a look at some of our designs.

OR Custom Designs

No time to Do It Yourself? You will see a number of custom designs already in our store, ready for your signature colors and message.  Or, if you have something in mind that you think we could work with, just give us a call.

Food Service Approved

  • Take the Cake™ Boxes' poly coated SBS material is classified USFDA 21 CFR §176.170 – Contact with Aqueous & Fatty Foods (without restriction).
  • Our manufacturing facility is rated SQF Level III by the American Baking Institute.
  • Our design includes a tight lid fit to seal air out and moisture in, therein keeping your slice of cake fresh for days.

keep your cake moist and fresh